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  • Dasan Ahanu

Reality Check-in

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Created by Joseph "Church Da Poet" Churchwell

Funny how they want you to sell yourself in interviews, make them want you, make them believe you can get the job done, take what they are offering, because you need this job, you’ve got to have this job....Does this resemble anything you are familiar with?

"I’ve been an inspiring artist and poet for several years. I started writing poetry to escape some of things I have been going through. It’s been helpful. I honestly don’t know if I’m what you need but, I know that I am passionate about pushing the culture of poetry and art in our community." - Jacob

Well, this story is no different. Today we embark on a journey with Jacob as he prepares for his interview. He's been on 8 this week and it's only Wednesday. His confidence seems to be sinking, but he's trying to hold it together. Something has to give, sooner than later. Will it all come together or will Jacob fall apart?

Reality CHECK-in. A poetry and spoken word based dramatic production.

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