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HIS Thoughts: in honor of Keenan Gorham

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Created by Church Da Poet & Dasan Ahanu

On Thursday April 19, 2012 we lost one of our most beloved wordsmiths. He was a visionary, a bright soul, and an amazing poet. In this production we celebrate the amazing talent of Keenan Gorham as cast members bring his poems to life. There will be music, there will be eloquence, and there will be dance. This production tells a story of love, life, hope and triumph. You will be uplifted and inspired.

Keenan Gorham had been writing for years. He started with traditional form, as he was an avid lover of poetry, collecting books from such authors as Dickinson, Whitman, Hughes, Frost, Angelou, Hammon, Sanchez, Poe, Dunbar, Cullen, Brooks, Tate and Giovanni. He soon started incorporating various other writing styles into his works. Here in the Triangle, he became familiar with spoken word and slam and the distinctive and animated nature of both. After being introduced to this type of expression and its poets, he fell in love with it and began to look at other ways to bring his words to life. He touched many with his crafty word play, emotional depth, command of vocabulary, and universal themes. His work will be forever remembered.

We are excited to introduce audiences to his artistic beauty. Join us as we honor brilliance gone too soon.

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