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Black Poetry

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Created by Church Da Poet

Black Poetry is a play written to inspire, touch and reach the masses. From adolescents to seniors, from the educated to the less fortunate Black Poetry is a motivational work of art. There are 6 lives, 6 different stories, and 6 views of life. Including both personal triumphs and downfalls, each story is told through Poetry, Dance, Music and Song. This is a production that talks about Adversity, Strength, Love, Dreams, and Overcoming. The poems and songs are all written and performed by local artists. Black Poetry is more than just a title it is a concept. Derived from the thoughts of the creator Joseph "Church da'Poet" Churchwell, Black Poetry is a metaphor for the story of Life. His idea was to change the view on what is considered “black poetry”. In doing so he took the title to a level that challenges conscious understanding. Deeper than a play on words, he created a dynamic play performed half in light and half in total darkness. Giving you what is now called Black Poetry.

“I always wanted to do a show in poetic form and the opportunity came at Manbites Dog Theater in Durham via producer, Lee Holmes. We did the play I wrote called “Black Poetry,” explained Churchwell. “It was very successful and led to other venues.” - Joseph Churchwell

In the summer of 2007, Joseph was commissioned by Alternative Perspective Theatre (APET) and its founder Leigh Holmes to craft a poetic theatrical production. He wrote the play Black Poetry. Black Poetry debuted at Manbites Dog Theater (Durham, NC) in August of 2007. The production was a success and an opportunity was soon discovered. Soon after Black Poetry’s debut there were requests for more showings of the play and questions about new productions. That is where the idea for Black Poetry Theatre came from.

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