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  • Dasan Ahanu

HERstory Through HIS Eyes

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Created by Dasan Ahanu

HERstory Through HIS Eyes is a story of strength, overcoming and new possibilities. The story centers on Kim and Tina, two women who have survived physical and sexual abuse. Kim is learning to move on from a marriage crumbled by physical and mental abuse. When her husband returns claiming to be a changed man, she struggles with forgiving him and forgiving herself. Tina has met the man of her dreams. Still, she is having a hard time being open and intimate with him. A survivor of sexual assault, she struggles with trust and vulnerability in the face of this new relationship. Both women find healing through their friendship and poetry. Their stories give us insight into the lives of survivors. The play is narrated by David. David is the host of the local open mic that both Kim and Tina read at. He has known Tina for years and is one of Kim’s best friends. An ally to both he carries his own secret. He is also a survivor of childhood abuse. Together they give hope and inspire everyone to find the courage within themselves to no longer be victims but survivors.

"When you’ve been through what I’ve been through, you don’t have any other choice but to be strong. My will is strong, my determination is strong, my resilience is strong, and this drink is strong. Bout to have me actin a fool up in here." - Tina

Enhanced by poetry and tied together by narration and song, this play seeks to challenge attitudes, values, behaviors, and misconceptions about sexual assault and domestic violence in hopes to decrease assaults and increase awareness.

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