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Are you ready for our annual jambalaya Soul Slam I-85 Lyric Slam? Instead of turning the stage over to the poets, we are turning it over to music lovers, the karaoke die hards, the shower pop stars, and the pop culture fiends. We are having a song lyric slam! This is a competition where the participants are slamming with lyrics from their favorite songs. Popular songs, obscure songs, under appreciated songs, any song you like! You don't want to miss this!

We will take up to 12 participants in this slam. We will have 3 rounds of competition so participants need to have 3 songs ready. Participants can read the lyrics if they need to. After the first and second round we will cut participants based on score. The competition will be judged slam style (by members of the audience on a scale of 0 to 10).

Participants must perform the lyrics to a song. They can't perform it as it was originally performed (sung or rapped). They can't say the title before they perform. Participants are only required to perform at least 2 verses and the hook. Intros and bridges are optional.


Each participant gets 3 min to perform. The DJ will cut them off at 3 min.

Winner take all!

The Jambalaya Soul Slam is the Triangle’s longest running poetry event!

doors 7:30pm | show 8:00pm

$10 General Admission

*Limited seating is available

For more information: | For guidelines go to

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The Jambalaya Soul Academy offer tools and strategies for writing poetry. You will gain poetry writing tips and prompts, develop new ideas or complete unfinished poems, and share your work with other poets. Bring your notebook, a pen, and an open mind.

The workshop occurs virtually.

@Hayti Heritage Center

804 Old Fayetteville St

Durham, NC 27701

Email with any questions and to get the link!

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